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Knight of the Mist

When Lady Stirling of Falcon Fire learns her lands-- and her hand -- are to be given away in marriage to one of William the Conqueror's most trusted warriors, she vows to keep Quinn de Trefoid at arm's length.
She will not risk her heart or her secrets to the Norman knight.
Battle-weary Quinn de Trefoid is more than ready to settle into the life of a landowner, even if that means taking a Saxon spitfire to wife. One final task for his king and he will gain his promised boon of retirement.
Neither are prepared for the attraction that flares between them or the danger that suddenly stalks them.

His Lady Thief

Marcus Elonger, known as the King's Justice, has no time for a quest -- he has a crumbling keep to re-build and lands to re-sow.
Brianna Marillac is so desperate to save her people, she has turned thief and pilfers food from nearby barons.
When Marcus and Brianna are thrown together to fulfill the conditions of the quest and retrieve the lost Cross of Souls, they fight both the attraction that flares between them, and a mysterious enemy who vows to see them both dead.

Her Dark Master

In Regency England, good girls like Victoria Ashford don’t pen wicked stories for underground sex papers and they certainly don’t don a mask and exchange places with a whore in a desperate bid to share one night of passion with the man she’s always desired. When Matthew Corwin, Earl of Sussex, discovers the identity of his remarkably responsive, submissive “whore”, he plots erotic payback for her treacherous deception, never intending to let his heart get involved. But protecting her from a blackmailer makes him realize maybe there’s more than just being her dark master…

Keys to Submission

Sophie Turner, once the most scandalous debutante in Regency London, has only a few weeks to decipher the secrets of a mysterious journal and gain a treasure or lose her isolated country house forever. 
Lord Ryder Ashford has decided the time is now for him to wed. He knows he’ll need a woman of elegance, refinement and purity. Having resigned himself to a life of vanilla sex and boring conversations, he’s shocked to find the scandalous Sophie Turner catching his eye … and his heart.
Together, they will uncover secrets best left alone, embark on a quest for treasure and create a bond steeped in sensual love-making, daring forays into the world of dominance and submission and a love to defy Society.
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