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Affair of Convenience

When the subject of Taryn Kirkpatrick's midnight fantasies walks into her life, kisses her breathless and proposes an affair of convenience, what else can she do except say yes?
That yes, however, will lead to more than just hot sex. It will lead her back into the world of the high-and-mighty, the wealthy, the business and societal elite she left behind with her divorce. Because Cooper Malone is a straight-laced businessman intent on landing the right clients.
He’s fascinated by Taryn, a vivacious, bohemian, free-spirit whose joie de vivre leads him to exploring all sorts of new adventures...both in the bedroom and outside it. But what will his clients think of her?
Taryn swore she wouldn’t ever compromise herself again.
Can she—can they—be more than just a midnight fantasy?

Strokes at Midnight

Cinderella in body paint and bondage. Kelsea Pfeiffer has never felt more alive. Or more aroused. Presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore her fascination with BDSM at the talented hands of the man of her dreams, one she thought she’d never have, Kelsea succumbs to the pull of pleasure.
The moment Gage Barringer lays eyes on the body-painted model, senses her arousal, her submissiveness, he has to have her.
On her knees. Or over his – applying strokes to her luscious bottom.
Cinders responds well to his strokes at midnight. But when she disappears from his bed before morning light, Gage searches for his submissive fairy-tale princess...who’s dreaming of a happily-ever-after as well.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a short novella.
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