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I love words. On the page, on the screen, in my ear. I talk a lot, too. My parents grew worried about me one report card when the teacher didn't mark me down for talking (we had a substitute for the last couple of weeks and she didn't really know about me.)
I grew up reading. Comics first then novels. I started with romance, then fantasy novels, then mysteries. I still read a great array of books but dictionaries have a special spot in my heart. I actually have a nice collection of them from different time periods. Leafing through and finding words that were once common and now virtually disappeared from our lexicon is thrilling.
A word nerd, that's me.
It was only natural that my fascination with language would lead to a career in writing. Romances were also a no-brainer because I grew up in a household that exemplified true love. My dad was a hero in every sense of the word – Texan, soldier, giant, handsome; and my mom was the perfect heroine – French, beautiful, fiery, funny. They loved each other with a depth that was breath-taking and inspiring.
Watching them helped me craft stories which feature strong characters, true love and (usually) a high body count. Okay, the body count didn't come from parents, that  came from my own crazy mind.
These days I spend a lot time with the people in my head, listening to them tell me what they want, who they want, and what they're willing to do to get it.
The creepy parts are when the villains talk to me. Gulp. Some of those people are disturbed. I'm just saying.
I write a gamut of romances from sensual historicals set in the Medieval and Regency periods to contemporary romantic suspense and paranormal romances. Something for everyone's taste.
If you have any questions, comments or “what the hell were you thinking?” comments, I'd love to hear them (really!). Email me at and I'll give you an answer.
Thanks for stopping by!
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